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WTF is a featured image?

HA. featured images are funny. They are mostly dependent on your theme selection. Each theme handles them however the theme designer thought would be good. If you’re digging through code or documentation to figure out where and when the featured image turns up… you may come up empty searching for...

WordPress Video Tutorials

I would make these myself… but… why reinvent the wheel??? Lynda.com is a leader in online software training for the non-technical. For anyone who can push play on a video, these are a goldmine of information, tips, tools, techniques and training in almost any software you might use for your...

Excellent WordPress Membership plugin

s2Member is one of the most robust, flexible and simple membership plugins available for wordpress. I currently use it on at least 4 different websites that manage from 20 to 3500 members. You CAN use it free, and for a lot of uses that’s sufficient. But the PRO version of...

Size Matters – in social media at least

If you are as tired as I am about having to make every single piece of branding in 12 different sizes and shapes… then hopefully this post will alleviate just a little frustration for you. As of February 10, 2015 – here are the sizes for all the social media...

BEST product cover generators

This tool is a little pricy, but it’s worth it. I’ve used these photoshop action script packages for years… and they work like crazy. If you are selling books, cd’s, dvd’s and bundles of those things, then I really, honestly recommend 3D Cover Actions. Ignore the long, boring sales letter…...

Handy WordPress Reference

So, if you are a¬†VISUAL LEARNER, this may become your best friend… The Digging Into WordPress DIY book by Chris Coyier and Jeff Starr offers more than 300 pages of basic reference material that will answer a LOT of your most common questions, and some more complicated ones, too. They...

Why are there no standards??

This is an ongoing issue in this still infant industry. It took nearly 100 years for an international standard to be developed and agreed upon for something as “simple” as screw threadings… and more than 100 years for an international body to be formed to oversee such things. (Source, wikipedia¬†)...

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We've built, managed, redesigned, coded and project managed more than 300 websites in the last 16 years. We've been through the evolution of the web... from html 3 to html 5, to the advent of css3, sass and less... (huh?).

We've kicked it oldschool, and we've used the latest new fads... we can save you the hassle of figuring out what works and what doesn't.