What we can do for you

Even the best DIY’ers need a little help once in a while.

And face it… sometimes it’s just MORE EFFICIENT to hire someone who already knows what you don’t want to learn how to do.

Here are some ideas of what we can do for you:

  • custom install your wordpress so it’s more secure
  • install & configure plugins
  • guide & recommend themes that work well vs. ones that suck
  • customize themes that you have tried but can’t quite get where you want them
  • advise on plugins so you don’t have to spend hours testing them yourself
  • configure and integrate mailchimp mailing lists with your wordpress site
  • set up rss-to-email for mailchimp, aweber, & getresponse
  • design custom headers and other graphics
  • create custom themes because you just can’t find what you want
  • copy and reformat content from your old html site because seriously, you have better things to do
  • transcribe your videos so you’ve got double the product, and more content to work with
  • record your blog posts so you’ve got podcasts to share
  • transcribe your podcasts
  • organize your funnels
  • oversee and schedule your social media
  • track your social media and build your tribe
  • optimize your social media presence with branded profile consistency
  • manage seasonal design elements

… oh and probably a whole lot more than that, too.

Our rates start at $30/hr and we are open to discount packages on prepaid hours.


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