Good graphic sources

There are LOTS of places to get graphics… It’s super important to do it CORRECTLY.

You can’t just go wandering around Google Images and take whatever you want. There is this little thing called COPYRIGHT that stands in the way of that. You don’t want to be an inadvertent criminal, so get in the habit of sourcing your graphics from legitimate providers.

You will find many images appear on ALL the sites below – because smart graphic designers & photographers know to cover all their bases… but SOME are also exclusive to the site you find them on. So it’s always good to shop around. It can be ridiculously time consuming, so learn to use the search functions on each site… that can save you a LOT of effort.

Here are some stock graphic providers that we like and use:

Our number one source for VECTOR graphics (that’s illustrations – things that are drawn with lines & shapes.. as opposed to photographs) is VectorStock has GREAT prices and lots of freebies and their search function is great.

Stock Photos from 123RF123RF has a wide array of images – both photo & vector – including a ton of free ones.